Walgreens Couponing 101

There are no cards for you to sign-up for at Walgreens.

Register Rewards (RRs) print out of a Catalina machine on some purchases. The sale ads will let you know what items produce RRs.
RRs are like Walgreens money to spend on your next purchase in the store.

At Walgreens you need as many items as you have manfacuture coupons so you may need a filler item. RRs are counted as a manufacture coupon.
You may use one Walgreens coupon and one manufacture coupon for one item.
Click here to see their coupon policy.

This year (2011) Walgreens released an Infant Care Coupon booklet. They were found in the store.
In my local Walgreens you do not have to hand over the “Infant Care” booklet coupon. Some stores will put in the code if you ask the cashier very nicely if you do not have the coupon. My store has me show the coupon but not turn it over to them. So I can reuse these store coupons till the end of this year. If you have one you are lucky :)

Walgreens releases a monthly Savings Book found at the front of the store with Walgreens coupons in them. These coupons DO NOT have to be cliped and handed over to the cashier. Just open the book to the cashier and let them scan the coupons you want to use.
You can also print them here.