Big Fish Games Review ~ Play Games for Up To an Hour Before You Decide to Buy

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Who likes games?! A lot of us right. The problem when looking for a game sometimes can be finding the games you like. Then of course we do not want to pay for a game to play then find out we do not like it! Big Fish Games wants you to be able to find the game you like BEFORE you purchase. You can play any game you want for up to an hour before you decide to purchase! They also offer the Big Fish Blog where they have useful information on all the game along with awesome walkthroughs of all the games!

As you look through the available games on each game you can check out screen shots and watch videos before you even open the game.

Tibet Quest

 This is the game I decided to review for all of you. I like matching games but they have also included on each game what skill is focused on during the game. For example, Arcade & Action, Hidden Object, or Time Management.

In this game you help Jane follow in her father’s footsteps, searching the mountains of the Tibet of the mythical city of Shangri La. Jane’s father spent his life searching for the city and now he has disappeared. You can play fast-paced Match 3 action and puzzle solving games.

Our Take: This game is fun to play. At first I did not understand how to get her to move across the screen but, I figured it out quickly. The game takes you through directions and helps you out when you get stuck. It is a lot of fun and I found myself passing the time very quickly playing them game.

After you try the game out you can purchase this game for $2.99.

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  1. I love that you can try out the games before you decide to purchase. Most apps don’t offer that option.

  2. I have a golf solitaire game on my iphone from Big FIsh Games but didn’t know I could try out others for 1 hour! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman

    I really like that they allow you to play the game before purchasing it. I think that that is a very good business practice to get loyal customers.

  4. Uh, oh. I can now see myself playing an hour on one game, then an hour on another, then… Black Hole!!
    Really, it’s great that you can try them for a good amount of time to see if you like them.

  5. they have alot of nice games .

  6. That’s great. Games can be so expensive! In general, an hour is enough time to decide if you like it or not.

  7. ashley busse says:

    It’s pretty cool that you can try before you buy! I hate buying games and apps and then not liking them!!

  8. sally guenterberg says:

    being able to play the game first is genius. I would think they would get more people trying their games that way

  9. Katherine McPherson

    The one thing about this review that would prompt me to go to the game site is the simple fact that I get to try the game before I buy it. That’s a very smart selling tactic. Get ya hooked!

  10. Melissa Mazzur

    Many of these games look like such fun! I would try farmup!

  11. My Mom used to be a member of Big Fish. She would get 2 new games per month. She had 106 games. We had hours of fun,,, Miss those times,, Big Fish is the safest and best place to play or buy a game:)

  12. looks like fun

  13. Cathy Jarolin

    The Big Fish Games Review was quite an interesting review.. I learned you can actually try the games for an hr before you buy them..Thats unheard of before now..I will pass this info down to my Children and Grandchildren. Thankyou for this welcomed posting.. Have a Great Day..

  14. Having the grandkids over alot & having them get BORED alot, I am always looking for new games or ways to keep them busy. I have bought a couple of games from BIG FISH. They are still on my pc & are still being played. But a couple of the bigger kids, like anything else once they “conquer” them, are done with them & another search is on. It does get kind of expensive! The fact that they can play ANY game they want for up to an hour before I buy it is GREAT! PLUS Big Fish has a blog where they give useful info & instructions on all the games, so I’m not the one trying to teach them how to play it – VERY GOOD FOR ME!!! It sounds like a WIN – WIN for the grandkids & me! THANKS!!!

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