Clawz Review & Exclusive 30% Off Coupon!

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Clawz Review & Exclusive 30% Off Coupon Code 

Clawz Review & Exclusive 30% Off Coupon!

Have you seen these shoes yet?! They are so cute! Clawz Shoes are slip-on shoes that come in fluorescent colors shaped like animal claws! 

You all know about the other legendary comfort brightly colored molded slip-on shoes well, Clawz Shoes build on that comfort with a material that both repels odor and molds to the shape of your foot as you wear them.  Available in a wild range of colors – lime, orange, black, blue, pink and white!  

They even make it easy and fun to order! You simply outline your child’s foot by taking a pencil and paper then measure the length from heel to big toe. Don’t despair though, these are not just for kids! They are available in adult sizes too! 

Clawz Shoes LLC was founded with the goal of creating new, fun, and innovative footwear designs to bring out the animal in both kids and adults. The company’s products are molded from comfortable, durable, odor-resistant material and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Slip on a pair of Clawz, and you’ll immediately be transformed from civilized to savage, from city to jungle, and from human to beast. Clawz encourages everyone to take a “Walk on the Wild Side”… you’ll definitely get noticed!

Clawz Review & Exclusive 30% Off Coupon!

Mr. Z is loving them!! When they first arrived he wanted to put them on right away! I do have to admit they are really cool looking shoes that any kid would love to wear. In-fact I am sure we will be ordering another pair soon because Mr. H wants a pair also. :) I especially like the odor free material used in every pair. All of you with kids know who smelly their feet can become in the summer! 

We have an exclusive coupon code for all of you! Use  babycost30 at checkout to give you 30% off Clawz! $29.99 becomes $9 off or $20.99, and $24.99 gets $7.50 off or $17.50. Free shipping on orders over $45. Our unique code Expires May 20, 2014.

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  1. says

    These are absolutely adorable!! I want a pair in Lime Green just for myself!! I can just see it…I walk into our Adult 55+ Recreation Hall with these on my feet, and let the fun and laughter ensue!! So much fun to be had with a pair of these!! ♥

  2. Faith Bosnick says

    I think my 2 boys would get a kick out of these shoes! They already love to run around pretending to be jaguars, lions, etc…..this would just make it much more fun 😉

  3. Karen Glatt says

    These Clawz shoes are so cute and I like the blue color. I bet they feel comfortable and they have no odor when wearing. Awesome shoes.

  4. md Kennedy says

    My husband loves his “other” cloggy shoes, but I think these would be much more fun, and I like that they mold to the foot. I’ll get him a pair for his birthday!

  5. courtney hennagir says

    Ha! My son would absolutely freak out over these! He is always walking around pretending to be a monster or wild animal or something.These are perfect! I know what he is getting for his birthday!

  6. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    THese Clawz shoes would be so much fun for most kids. It enable them to better pretend to be animals or monsters. I know some adults would love them too.

  7. Deb E says

    I haven’t seen these and also like the lime green claw shoes. I wear my crocs all the time and love that I can sanitize them quickly.

  8. Kelly Greenwood says

    I’ve never seen these before, they are adorable. I might buy a pair for my cousin’s son.

  9. lisa says

    Those are the silliest things I’ve ever seen.I can see the appeal to a child.It reminds me of an old Dennis the Menace episode where he ordered a pair of shoes that left huge prints. Mr. Wilson thought there was a big foot roaming around and set a trap. You’d just have to see it.

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