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How secure is your home? Are you ever worried about what your teenage children are doing when you aren’t home? Do you leave your home in the care of a housekeeper or your children in the care of a nanny? Maybe you have noticed that items turn up missing after visits by certain individuals. When any of these situations are happening, you might wonder how you can diminish your feelings of vulnerability. There is a good way to regain your feelings of peace and safety in your home. This solution is to install hidden surveillance cameras. There are many popular models of spy cameras that you may use throughout your home to increase the security of all your loved ones.

It’s Time to Feel Safe in Your Home
Many useful spy cameras can be hidden within working clocks – an item that almost every home already has. Who would be suspicious of a clock in the bedroom, family room, or kitchen? The answer is that no one would question the presence of a clock. You can choose from analog clocks ticking softly on the wall or a digital clock sitting on a desk. If the situation calls for it, you can even carry a battery-operated spy camera concealed as a travel clock.

Do You Smell a Rat … Or a Thief?
Some very popular models of hidden cameras are the air freshener cameras. These cameras are often battery-operated and activated when motion is sensed. The camera may save video images or thousands of still photos. As with the cameras hidden in clocks, these little devices won’t draw suspicion when they are plugged into the walls of your home. This clever hidden camera operates silently. Once you’ve recorded the evidence that you need, you’ll be able to view the video or still shots on your PC.

Get Hooked on Home Safety
One very clever little device is the coat hook hidden camera. A nervous nanny might be suspicious of the teddy bear on the shelf, but will she be suspicious of the hook where she hangs her purse or keys? These tiny spy cameras for home use are a versatile pinhole camera which allows you to get the coverage that you want from anywhere in your home. The installation for this coat hook camera doesn’t require any special wiring and it is easy to recharge the battery.

Let’s Take It Outside
If you are more concerned about the activities of people working around the exterior of your home than you are concerning the people within your home, then you may want to consider using hidden outdoor spy cameras. From the electric boxes and hose reels on the side of your home to the decorative rocks in your gardens, a hidden camera could be placed just about anywhere.

Customize Your Surveillance
If one of the previous options didn’t seem just right for you, then maybe you would like to turn one of your own familiar household items into a surveillance device. With a small hidden spy camera, you can take advantage of the familiar items that you already have in your home. When it comes to the safety of everyone within your home, the use of hidden spy cameras could be one of your most effective tools.
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  1. Jayden H. says:

    I think this would be great for outside of the home. I do not think I would ever want them inside my home, mainly because everyone deserves privacy. My mind may change on that depending on (God forbid) if anything like a break in would happen to me!

  2. Hidden cameras for home security.

  3. Great options you have listed here. Undoubtedly, a hidden surveillance camera will give us a greater peace of mind.
    I am loving the idea of the coat hook camera How clever is that! A sure way of catching a thieving nanny on camera!

  4. I have thought about getting some kind of camera for security purposes but I haven’t yet. Thank you for your post!

  5. christi baham willie

    Can NEVER be to safe! Great post and highly recommend these ideas. Thank you for this!!

  6. Susan Smith says:

    We are looking at getting a hidden camera for inside the home where we can see what is going on while we are at work.

  7. Sherry Fowler says:

    hidden cameras are the best way to go nowadays

  8. Jimmy Arcade says:

    I agree that protecting your family is very important. However, at times, people can take home security too far and try to remove themselves from neighborhoods that more impoverished. My wife and I have chosen to live in a blue collar area of our city and we feel more connected to the reality of the struggles around us. Having said that, I know that we need to protect ourselves, as well, and take the necessary precautions.

  9. mary woollard says:

    If I would have had to hire a babysitter when I returned to work, I definitely would have considered cameras! I got VERY lucky and my mom retired so she could stay home with my daughter. Now my mother is 80 and has dementia, unfortunately its progressing quickly :( and i may have to use the camera idea inside if I have to get someone to help me with mom.

  10. Jennifer Hall says:

    My son kinda concerns me leaving him home alone, he has gotten a little sneaky as he’s gotten older.

  11. Maria Iemma

    I have been thinking about getting some sort of security system in the house. I have my 89 year old Mom living with me and we all go to work so she stays alone. I would like to have some sort of camera system that I can check she is OK from my office computer.

  12. We’ve been wanting to install hidden cameras on major places around the house. We live in a peaceful community but it’s always better to be prepared.

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