Fairy Hobmother Visit!


I have heard about the Fairy Hobmother several times before but really was not sure if she was real or not! Every time I would see a post about her I would make sure to comment in hopes of being selected. My last comment I left was just a few weeks ago. Well, now I can tell you all she is real! I woke this morning to an email from The Fairy Hobmother!

The Hobmother is so very generous to offer me an Amazon gift card in exchange for this post. Which is great because it is time to order diapers again. :) Now I can use the money I am going to save by using the gift code on diapers to put towards a new washing machine.

If you would like to receive a visit from the Fairy Hobmother just leave a comment on this post with your blog information, and who knows you may be the lucky one she visits next!!!


  1. I would definitely love to get a visit from him. I’ve been following the bloggers who get a visit from him for quite some time. My blog is . I write about tidbits of experiences from our lives. I also do a WIDE range of product reviews and giveaways.

  2. Maria Burns

    Wow, that would be nice :)

  3. Katrina Fairchild Taylor says:

    I am in need of a clothes dryer! I have bought 2 different-yet the same part- and it will work one time and quit again! Jut getting out of the hospital and not knowing if I will be able to work again has really caused havoc on my family.

  4. First time hearing about the fairy hobmother. Could use a little pixie dust today. Thanks!

  5. I would love to offer my readers this chance and (hopefully) use it to expand my audience =)

  6. My name is Kendra Browne and I am the owner of the Blog Mrs Very Flamable’s Savings and Reviews ( and my email is I would love to see the Fairy Hobmother! She’s more than welcome on my site!

  7. I have heard tons of things about the Fairy Hobmother! I usually never comment on posts in hopes that he’ll visit me because, let’s face it, I have terrible luck. lol But who knows, right? It’s so nice to finally have a fairy look out for us bloggers! I remember when fairies would visit as a kid. How cool!

  8. Congrats on your visit from the Fairy Hobmother – that is SO exciting!! :) And how timely with it being diaper time! :) Which reminds me, I better go change some sizes on my Amazon Mom shipping list! :)

  9. Pick me, this issocool..

  10. Amanda Burden says:

    Oh I would LOVE a visit from him!!!

  11. I spot the Fairy Hobmother all over the place. I would like a visit to my blog or an email

  12. Wow, isn’t that pretty spiffy! I have seen the Fairy Hobmother everywhere lately – you never know where she will visit next! She is always welcome over at Budget Earth! ;)

  13. Please don’t tempt me to get a new washing machine. My six year old HE front-loader may be going…we’re thinking ball bearing, which can be pricey to replace…almost pricey enough to make it more worthwhile to just buy a new washer. *sigh*

    P.S. Hello, Fairy Hobmother!

  14. I would absolutely love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother at Water Rolls Uphill! How awesome that your visit was so well timed. A new washing machine sounds fabulous.

  15. Bonnie holt says:

    I would love a visit my email is and I am the owner of

  16. I’m glad that you got a visit! It seems the fairy is everywhere lately! I could use a visit from a couple of fairy’s…. the hobmother for stocking up on gluten free supplies for my daughter and the cleaning fairy because I need a good house cleaning. lol

  17. The Fairy Hobmother is a genius idea. I love it. Now to find out what Hobmother stand for.

  18. Congrats on the visit!!! I want a visit from him!!!

  19. I’ve been looking for the Fairy Hobmother everywhere! Please send him to my blog! :)

  20. Are you sure your not still dreaming? I think most of us dream about new appliances! :)

  21. Oooh, the Fairy Hobmother is so awesome and very generous… would love to have him stop by

  22. I keep hearing of this Fairy Hobmother waving magic around the bloggy blog world but I have yet to spot em :)
    I will make a net ;)

  23. Congrats!! I’ve been following the Fairy hobmother for a while and am hoping maybe he’ll find my site :)

  24. I’d love a visit! Congrats on yours :)

  25. Oh so cool, you are lucky…I heard he was an extra special fairy :) Wish he could visit some time soon.

  26. Awesome! My dream this year is to be visited by the Fairy Hobmother! I know it would make my blogging day!

  27. Oh, Fairy Hobmother, please come visit me! We can have fun playing games or just sit and have a spot of tea if you’d like. I’m so lonely and bored over at I need a visit to perk me up!

  28. I could certainly use a bit of good news in my life right now! Congratulations on the visit!

  29. My name is Amanda Rodriguez, and I blog at The Accidental Mrs., which is a newlywed/lifestyle blog. This is amazing! I’ll be wishing for a visit from the Fairy Hobmother! What an a awesome idea!

  30. I would LOVE to have a visit from the Fair Hobmother. :) My blog is called Second Chances and is at

    allisontb at gmail dot com

  31. This is amazing!! I can’t wait for my turn! : ))))

  32. Congrats to you!!! I’d love some pixie dust to come over to my little corner of the internet! ;-)

  33. heahter c

    wow thats great..i could use a little pixie dust too..

  34. alison gates fournier says:

    I need a visit from the Fairy Hobmother!!! First grandbaby on the way and Viola’s MiMi will need this before she arrives! Fingers and toes crossed!!!!?

  35. Oooh! That’s sooo cool you got a visit! I’ve heard all about him!

    I too would love a visit to my blog: or Dear Fairy Hob Mother! Email me & Visit me please! ;) ;)

  36. I run a Blog Extreme Saving Moms I have giveaways, reviews, and post about coupons, freebies and deals. I also help out WAHMs with advertisements. I would love a visit :)

  37. It is always nice to have a visitor!! :)

  38. Congratulations! Would love to have a visit too.
    Imperfect Women

    pam at imperfectwomen dot com

  39. i hope he visits me too.

  40. First time hearing about the fairy hobmother! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a visit from him!!!

  41. gnomy gnome says:

    Congratulations! Who said fairies are not real? ;)

  42. I would love for him to come visit us at ! I could use a little pixie dust to help pay for a special prescription diet my one kitty is on!

  43. That would be very nice

  44. Wow- that would be so neat! I’m over at Mommy’s Block Party / Ondria Witt / themommyblog83 (at) gmail dot com

  45. Elizabeth
    says: I am intrigued, we shall see if she is real :)

  46. Congratulations!!! How nice for you!!! :)

  47. Oh! I would love to receive a visit! My site is It is a Coupon/Deals site!

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