How to Make a Man In The Yellow Hat Kid Costume

I want to say thank you to all of you on facebook helping me figure out how to make this costume :) For those of you wondering how to make a kids Man in the Yellow Hat costume here is how I did it.

old pair of jeans that still fit
masking tape
white button up shirt
brown shoes
black marker
thin cardboard or poster board
hot glue gun and/or fabric glue
yellow felt
Rit Yellow Dye

Step One:
In the kitchen sink add water and a few cups of bleach. Soak the jeans until they are bleached out. Mine took about an hour. You do not want to leave them in there to long because it will start to dissolve the fabric. Rinse well and then was and dry.

Step Two:
Follow the directions on the Rit bottle to dye the clothes. Mine were 100% cotton so I also added 1 cup of salt like the directions call for. You have to stir the entire time they are dying so make sure you have 30-60 minutes to send doing this. Rinse till the water runs clean and then wash and dry.

The Tie:
There are several different ways I am sure you could make the tie. One idea would be just to make the bottom part of the tie and use velcro to hold the tie on. We decided to trace one of my husbands ties and use a black marker to color on the dots. My husband then tied the tie on our son.

The Hat:
Measure the head of the child. Use that measurement to make the tall part of the hat using the thin card board or poster board to first cut. Use the masking tape to hold it all together. Now the rest of the hat is kind of the tricky part. We just worked with the bottom and top to cut and fold until we had something that look like the tall mans hat. This is what it looked like before the felt. Then we used fabric glue to cover the hat with the felt. Towards the end we also ended up using a hot glue gun with seemed to work better :)



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