Kidkraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen on Sale

Kidkraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen on Sale

KidKraft Deluxe Kitchen

Today you can grab a great deal on the Kidkraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen! Marked down 36% off the list price making it only $129.99.

In the Box:

  • (1) Kidkraft Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen – 53139
  • (1) Cooking Spoon
  • (1) Spatula
  • (1) Pot holder
  • (1) Toy Phone



  1. md Kennedy says

    Oh Em Gee! I’d have given anything for this when I was a kid! There are going to be some very happy children out there.

  2. Miranda McCallister says

    I’ve been seriously thinking about getting this for quite a while. I think they are adorable but have always been overpriced.

  3. Sarah L says

    Makes me chuckle to see that a play phone is part of the package. Moms must be always using them in the kitchen.

  4. tonya watne says

    this is so cute! it reminds me of the old computer desk i used to have as a kids just remodeled

  5. Tamboliya says

    I would have loved one of these as a kid but never had one. Would love to give one to poor kids in my neighborhood at their HUD low income housing recreation center where these kids go to after school programs b/c their single parent moms can’t afford daycare. Since I cannot afford to buy one of these (very pricey), I have tried to make one myself for them with cardboard boxes! :)

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