Rock N Learn Early Learning DVD Collection & 25% Off Code

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Rock N Learn Early Learning DVD Collection & 25% Off Code

Rock N Learn Early Learning DVD Collection & 25% Off Code


We were sent another set of Rock N Learn set to review for all of you! Mr. Z has grown to love all of the characters in the Rock N Learn DVDs. The educational focus each DVD provides makes me happy to allow some TV time in the house. 

I think his favorite of these DVDs is the Colors, Shapes & Counting DVD. As they are going through the colors he relates them to all the items we have in the house. It says, “Yellow Banana” and he says, “We have yellow bananas!” He continues with all the colors and items! I know as a former educator he is using his background knowledge to relate to the learning he doing now. He already knows what a banana is, now he knows it is yellow. Then, in the future he can relate that color to other objects of the same color!  

You can purchase each of these DVD separate or grab a deal in the Early Learning Collection! In this exclusive web-pack you will receive:

  • Colors, Shapes & Counting DVD
  • Dance With the Animals DVD
  • Nursery Rhymes DVD
  • Alphabet Circus DVD

 The Colors, Shapes, & Counting DVD is the perfect way to get your child ready for starting school. Young learners will enjoy all of the kindergarten readiness activities, including learning to count objects by color, shape, or a combination of both. Even gifted children will be challenged by the advanced colors (maroon, turquoise) and shapes (polygons, ellipses). 

The Nursery Rhymes DVD puts a new spin on the classics to make favorite rhymes come alive. Brother and Sister Goose join Mother Goose to present 43 rhymes using upbeat, pop-style music sung to traditional melodies. The playful geese lead kids through each rhyme, teaching them about being safe, using manners, and accepting responsibility. 

Dancing with the Animals is an action-packed DVD video, amazing and adorable animals inspire children to learn creative movement, motor skills, listening and following directions. Delightful songs and exciting live footage of more than 60 creatures captivate children as they learn fun facts about animals–where they live, what sounds they make, how to care for pets, and so much more.

Join Alphabet Al  in the Alphabet Circus  DVD on an action-packed learning adventure! Children love the excitement of visiting the circus where they enjoy the musical game of finding words that start with each letter of the alphabet. Songs for each letter, along with animated circus excitement, create a highly entertaining DVD for learning the alphabet. Plus, it will help build your child’s vocabulary. 

We have a special code for all of you!! Use code KR8822 to get 25% off your entire purchase! Valid for contiguous US Residents only. 

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  1. md Kennedy says

    The Dance with Animals clip is awesome! I’ll have to share this great-sounding set with my step-daughter to see if it is age-appropriate for our almost- 4-year old grandson.

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