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Rock ‘N Learn Review & 25% Off Coupon Code

Rock N Learn Sight Words Set
Rock ‘N Learn offers educational DVD videos, music CDs, and Mobile apps to help your kids learn, easily and effectively. The Sight Words DVDs are designed to help teach young children the most frequently used words in the English language. Animated characters show it is easy to remember certain concepts when they’re set to music. They sing original songs with lyrics built around common sight words.

When children are having fun they seem to not realize they are learning. That is the wonderful part of the Rock ‘N Learn series.

Baby Costcutters is very pleased to review this wonderful set of Sight Words DVDs from Rock ‘N Learn. As a former Kindergarten teacher I understand how important it is to get a strong foundation for reading in early childhood.

In the Sight Word 3 Pack you receive:

  • Sight Words Level One: Pre-k & up. Approximately 50 minutes. Children learn over 60 sight words through engaging characters, entertaining songs, and fun practice. Includes all pre-primer Dolch words, the top 20 from Fry’s, and more. A bonus section allows learners to practice the words in isolation, focusing on word shapes as well as spelling each word.
  • Sight Words Level Two: Grades K & up. Approximately 61 minutes. This video covers all of the primer Dolch words and many words from Fry’s list.
  • Sight Words Level Three: First Grade. Approximately 50 minutes. This video covers all Dolch first-grade sight words and many from the Fry’s list. If your child is ready to begin reading first-grade words, this engaging DVD program will help boost their literacy skills.

If you click on the links above for each DVD you can see the list or words each covers.

My two youngest boys have been enjoying these DVDs. Even though they are different ages Level 1 is a great starter for Zack and a great review for Hagan. Also, just because Zackery is younger he still enjoys Level 3. They do overlap/review the lower level words in the higher level DVDs. They have not gotten bored with them and ask to watch them often. The music is fun and engaging. The words are displayed on the screen

Sample clip from Sight Words 1

Where To Buy

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So, you can get the Sight Words DVD Set for only $38.99!

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  1. this is a real nice review–i have one grand-daughter who needs this…

  2. This is great for the great grand daughter to learn before she has to enter school . thanks

  3. My friends little one would love this thanks for sharing this one I will pass it along to my friend.

  4. Barbara Mc / Whenihave Time says:

    Great review and a wonderful learning tool!

  5. I think music makes learning more fun. (it also makes house cleaning go faster)

  6. This looks really good. The kids love music and learning…put it together and it’s a combo that can’t be beat!

  7. nicole dz says:

    Love how it makes it fun while learning. My kids would appreciate these a lot. Love how the words are displayed on the screen. Great way to learn.

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