Shaklee #Cinchspiration Month Six Update



This is month six of my Cinch Inch Loss Plan. This is it!! I just can’t believe it has already been six months! I hope all of you followed me on  facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube , instagram, and runkeeper and will continue to follow me because my journey is not over yet!

Shaklee Month 6 Picture

I remember taking the first picture!! Oh my…I did not want to. The thought of posting that picture made me lose sleep at night!! Seriously!!  My husband took the picture for me and when I pulled it up on the computer to post it….I just cried! I thought to myself “how embarrassing”.

Each month the picture got easier and easier to take. I transformed myself each month by staying on track with the Shaklee Cinch Plan and exercising. So, this morning I was really excited about the picture, not because this is the last update I am required to do but, because I feel good about myself again!! :)

I want everyone to know this program works!!! It is easy to follow because the only calorie counting you have to deal with is your dinner. Since, your meal bars and shakes are already planned each day it is so easy just to figure up your dinner calories.

 Dec Shaklee Chart

Shaklee Dec Chart 2*

My Goal was to lose 25 lbs, which would make my goal weight 117, but I am totally happy with losing 20 lbs*!! Plus, this is not the end for me….I fully plan on continuing my weight lose program! Only 5lbs to go!

Nov. 19 – Dec. 19, 2012 Diary Entry:

Well, the neck pain I was having last month turned out to be a little more serious than I wanted. So, under doctor’s orders I have not been able to work out this past month. I had an MRI and MRA on Monday and now have to go for an ultrasound of a main artery. So, we will see how all this turns out! Hopefully, it will all me nothing or something very minor and I can get back to a regular workout schedule. :)

As far as the program…still going strong! I love not having to worry about what I am having for breakfast or lunch! Plus, now planning healthy meals for dinner is like second nature. Most of the time I don’t even have to look up anymore how many calories I am eating.


If you have any questions please ask I will do my best to help you. If you want to learn more on your own first check out this link: Cinch Science or read about success stories here.

Also, you can connect with Shaklee on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation’s Team #Cinchspiration Campaign. I have received free products, online support and incentives for participating. My opinions are my own.

*Results and experiences are unique for each person, so results may vary. People following the weight loss portion of Cinch or Shaklee 180 can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week.


  1. says

    You look fantastic! Glad you found a program that works for you and is doable. I think I will need to check this out after the holidays. Thanks!

  2. Marilyn Branch says

    I am so proud of you! You look wonderful! I know you will succeed in losing the 5 lbs.
    with love, your mother-inlaw,

  3. says

    WOW, great job on the weight loss! I just have baby #3 a year ago, and I”m still carrying freakin’ 20 lbs that MUST.GO.NOW. I’m doing Weight Watchers, which I like. But sounds like your system is a sure winner, too. Great job!!

  4. says

    oh fantastic. You can tell just by the way that you are standing that you feel better about yourself. Also, it takes a lot to post pictures like this, especially when you are not feeling so great…thanks because you will inspire others by doing this.

  5. Jane Ritz says

    Your weight loss is fantastic. It has convinced me that it works.One thing I noticed is that you lost in your stomach. That’s my major problem. You look great!

  6. margaret (peg)m says

    first, how awesome your mother-in-law commented on your behalf…mine makes ‘cruella deville’ look like ‘gidget’. and you did a terrific job. congrats on the achievements.

  7. Tammy S says

    Wow you did an awesome job! Your measurements are very impressive. You should be proud of yourself. I would love to see you do a one year update. Good Job!

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