Shaklee #Cinchspiration Month Three



This is month three of my Cinch Inch Loss Plan. Make sure to follow me on  facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube , instagram, and runkeeper to keep up with my progress!

I really can not believe three months have gone by since I started the Cinch Plan! I am feeling very blessed to have picked by Shaklee to blog about my progress in exchange for their products. This has given me a step-up in my goal to become a healthier person :)


 Measurements Date 8/18/12        How many inches lost:

True Waist (below bust) 29.75″                1.25″
Around the Belly Button 32″                      4″
Hips 37.5″                                                 4.5″
Bust 35.5″                                                2.5″
Thighs 22.5″                                            2.5″
Arms 10.75″                                            .75
Neck 12.25″                                             .25
Total inches lost so far:  15.75 inches!! Wow!

Weight 129         13 lbs lost! Yeah!

My Goal is to lose 25 lbs, which would make my goal weight 117… I have 12 lbs to go :)

Week of Aug. 19th Diary Entry I am feeling so great this week! Walking on the treadmill, eating right, and enjoying life.

Week of Aug. 26th Diary Entry: This week we had to get ready for a hurricane. This really stresses me out. I have found out two things about myself…I eat when I am stressed and when I am bored. {sounds like most people right!}

Week of Sept. 2nd Diary Entry: Well the other day I stepped out of the shower and passed out! So, thankful my husband was there to catch me. The doctor said my white blood count was high. My body trying to fight off an infection and the hot shower combined together is caused me to pass out. Anyway I am not overeating but I am taking it easy this week not fully doing the Cinch Plan.

Week of Sept. 9th Diary Entry: Okay I am back on the plan. My blood pressure has come back up and I am starting to feel better. I think I am going to get started back on the treadmill also this week. Just taking it slow and easy to make sure my body gets back to normal :)


If you have any questions please ask I will do my best to help you. If you want to learn more on your own first check out this link: Cinch Science or read about success stories here.

Also, you can connect with Shaklee on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation’s Team #Cinchspiration Campaign. I have received free products, online support and incentives for participating. My opinions are my own.



  1. Mrs. Libby Greenberg says

    You look so good! you inspire me so…! Never mock yourself! Good going.. Good Luck ! YOU MAKE ME PROUD AND SURE I CAN DO IT TOO.

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