Shaklee #Cinspiration Month Four



This is month four of my Cinch Inch Loss Plan. Make sure to follow me on  facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube , instagram, and runkeeper to keep up with my progress! Wow!!! How time if flying by!!

Well as most of you know by watching last month’s end date video…..last month really did not have much change. So I am not posting a picture this month lol.

 Measurements Date 9/24/12        How many inches lost in the last month:

True Waist (below bust) 29.”                .75″
Around the Belly Button 32″                      0″
Hips 37.5″                                                 0″
Bust 35.5″                                                0″
Thighs 22.25″                                            .25″
Arms 10.75″                                            .0
Neck 12.25″                                             .0
Total inches lost so far:  16.5 inches!! Great!

Weight 127         15 lbs lost Total So Far! Yeah!

My Goal is to lose 25 lbs, which would make my goal weight 117… I have 10 lbs to go :)

Sept. 9 –  Oct. 24th Diary Entry

Okay lets talk about the last month. Well, I have had many ups and downs. Then I decided I really need to kick this into high gear!!! I mean I only have 10lbs left to lose!! I can do this!

Then I am sick, then one of the kids is sick, then my husband is sick, then one of the other kids is sick lol……so you get how things have been going.

Solution: I need a new way of working out….something to change up my routine. I think I am getting a little bored with just walking on the treadmill. So, now I have a new toy!!! Well new to me :) I bought a used but still in awesome condition Bowflex. YEAH!!! So I just bought it last week and have only used it a few time but, you just wait…….it is time to kick my butt into shape!!!


If you have any questions please ask I will do my best to help you. If you want to learn more on your own first check out this link: Cinch Science or read about success stories here.

Also, you can connect with Shaklee on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

This is a sponsored post as part of the Shaklee Corporation’s Team #Cinchspiration Campaign. I have received free products, online support and incentives for participating. My opinions are my own.



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    I’m excited for you, especially knowing about the following post, where you did lose 5 more lbs! You are really on your way here! This Shaklee Cinspiration sounds great! And that is a cool new toy! Looks like it’s serious business!

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