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I am the most worrisome mother out there! Every little thing my kids want to do I automatically worry and think to myself just to tell them no, that they can not do it.  We all want to stand two inches from our kids all the time so they never get hurt.

I have had to learn that they will never learn unless they live to make their own mistakes. Even the most simple mistakes like falling off a swing, getting a little hurt sliding down the slide the wrong way, or falling off a bike. These are all things most of us have to fail at first in order to learn how to succeed.

When you see them though for the first time swing on a swing by themselves, riding a bike, and playing with no fear…. the pride of accomplishment on their face says it all! They grow to have confidence so that they know if they try and keep trying they will succeed at anything they truly try at.

Now, when my youngest son is learning something new my middle son always ask., “Mom, how did I learn to do that?” I think the first time he ask was when my youngest was learning to walk. Everyone of us has great good life stories we would never have unless we life life!

I just love this little ad below from Allstate Good Life. It is so true that we know there is the possibility that bad things will happen in life yet we don’t let that stop us! If you were to live your life so afraid of getting hurt your life would not be much fun! After all is said and done we need to all at the very least be able to say we had fun!

Please fell free to leave a comment telling me your Good Life Story!

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  1. Awesome info, thanks!

  2. krystel says:

    i 100% agree with this great info thanks

  3. It amazes me the things my children are capable of sometimes when I just back off and let them explore their own limits.

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