Melissa & Doug Summer Fun Toys Review

Melissa and Doug was so very nice to send me a few items to review in exchange for hosting an upcoming giveaway for all of you!! So keep and eye out for a $200.00 Melissa and Doug Giveaway Event starting soon!!

Melissa and Doug tent2

Tents! What can I say about boys and tents…..the love them! Really! I am sure girls love them just as much but, I have three boys. However, growing up I do remember planing in a tent. They are just so much fun. You feel like you are in your own little world…even though you are really right there lol.  The Tootle Turtle Tent with FREE Blaze Flashlight is hours of fun in their own hidden world.

When you close the flap it is the face of a turtle.

Melissa and Doug tent3

You can even roll it back up to store it….if your child every lets you put it up. :)

melissa and doug tent1

I am so disappointed that we have not been able to get to the beach with our sand toys yet! I have these toys up on my self in my office and the kids keep coming in asking if they can play with them. As soon as we have a SUNNY day to get to the beach I will update this post with a better image of them actually using the Sunny Patch sand toys.

sand toys1

The Seaside Sidekicks Nesting Pails Sand Toys are very cool! They have the numbers on one side and the number word on the other side. I know this may not seem like much but, as a former education it does help with their recognition of the letter and number words! Then on the bottom they also have the corresponding number of creatures. Love That! Fun and educational at the same time!

sand toys2


  1. laurie damrose says:

    I like the bird pail and the tent.

  2. Nicole Bear says:

    My little girl needs some sand toys bad! We go to the beach at least twice a week, and she is now sitting up and wanting to play. I want to avoid her eating the sand as much as possible so I need toys!!!

  3. Their toys are always so much fun!

  4. Rita Wray says:

    My grandsons would love the tent.

  5. Ashley F says:

    That toy would be so much fun to have inside for rainy days when you just want to play and have a little adventure! The beach toys look like they would be great, too! I love Melissa and Doug toys, they are such awesome quality and encourage imaginative play (which is hard to come by with a lot of toys being focused on gadgetry rather than PLAY these days!)

  6. Dickie Youngblood

    Melissa and doug toys have such nice stuff the sand toys are great and the tent will be a good idea later on for the new grandbaby. :-D

  7. Christy K. says:

    My kids are a little older than yours but they would still love that tent! So cute!

  8. Holly Schilling

    Does the nesting pails also make the shape of the sea creatures at the bottom of them? That would be fun if they did :) Tents are fun for girls as well, my daughters use them as a clubhouse.

  9. Patricia Hoffmeister

    My 9-month old granddaughter and her 8-year old sister could use some more toys.

  10. I have bought many of their toys for my 4 year old grandson. I love their play food. outstanding quality on their products!

    • The tent is my grand kids favor,so cute to use it even around the house for theme to play with.Thanks.

  11. My granddaughter loves to play in tents!!! And we are going to the beach next month for a week so these sand toys look too cute!! And I love the fact that the tent comes with a flashlight too!!! I love Melissa and Doug products!!

  12. Rebecca Xavier says:

    The turtle tent is adorable. I love Melissa & Doug products!

  13. Melissa and Doug’s have lots of fun toys for the sand boxes or the beach for my grand kids who love their sand boxes. I love their wooden puzzles too for the grand kids. I buy them all the time for them

  14. Lori Clark says:

    Great work and love reading about everything you include here

  15. rebeka deleon says:

    my kid’s owned a tent like this that had the tunnels but they ended up breaking the sticks that held it up in the first place!

  16. Oh how cute!! I love that the tent is a turtle! And those beach toys are awesome :) Any kid would be lucky to have them, I know I would have loved them!!

  17. Nicole Stanke

    The tent is so adorable….. :-)

  18. md kennedy says:

    I don’t know how they do it, but Melissa and Doug always have the best, quality toys. I know that if I choose one of their products it will be a hit as a gift with whoever gets it.

  19. How adorable is that!! Love it! (Of course, its Melissa and Doug…what’s not to love!?) My little man loves tents as well…but I also remember making tents out of kitchen tables as a little girl (and I was 100% girly), so I think it’s definitely just a kid in general thing:)

  20. Becky Corey says:

    My daughter loves tents and turtles! Melissa and Doug make the nest!

  21. Misty Coffey says:

    My twin boys love their Melissa & Doug art easel and their art supplies!!!

  22. we are regular buyers of M&D toys. Such good quality, well designed and loved by my kids.

  23. angelia medlin

    Melissa & Doug toys are the best! They have high quality standards and are always very safe. I didnt know they have tents so I will have to check it out. My son would love the turtle tent. I did know they had sand pail stuff. Perfect for the summer!

  24. the sand pail is adorable

  25. Alison

    I really like the pails, but when you turned them upside down I never would have know that they have the little creatures on the bottom – makes them even better. Thanks for sharing – the tent is really awesome – with the flashlight – that is really neat.

  26. Stephanie Bourne

    We have a new sandbox and my girls would love the sand toys.

  27. natalie parvis says:

    I love the tent. SO cute! My son would love it.

  28. Carolyn Colley

    They have so many unusual toys, we love their stuff, it’s awesome

  29. I lived in my tent from Friday to Sunday as a child.

  30. A tent, a flashlight and kids is the best indoor plan for lots and lots of fun!

  31. Id love the tent for kids they love camping

  32. Janet Benthin

    I lkove this tent…I collect frogs so I would love to have it for my grandkiddies. Awesome review!

  33. Fawn Linschoten

    The lady bug tent is cute my 2 granddaughters would like that.

  34. Jennifer says:

    my daughter would love the tent!

  35. Michelle Elizondo says:

    Melissa and Doug toys are durable and last years.

  36. SHELLEY S says:


  37. these are all awesome and i love there is learning in the toys with numbers so great

  38. Dorothy Boucher

    they have such wonderful toys, love the tent, how cute ;)

  39. These sand toys are so cute and I love the tent. My son could use some sand toys.

  40. krystel says:

    awww how cute is that

  41. Erica Whittaker says:

    Tents are the best. I used to have one that you could put over the bed, and with four sisters, I finally felt I had my own world! I love those beach toys! I remember loving my bucket and spade! Do the creatures on the bottom of the nesting pails come up as a decoration of the ”nesting pail” castles?

  42. Danielle Papsis says:

    Melissa and Doug makes great quality toys. The tent looks really cute!

  43. Michele R. says:

    My son would love the sand toys! And the tent would be so much fun for “camping” in our back yard!

  44. Sunnymay says:

    The Seaside Sandkicks Nesting Pails and Sand Toys are in great colors different from the usual. My grandson loves to play with bath toys, so these would be the next step up, perfect for beach, backyard and bath.

  45. I have a little girl and she would definitely enjoy that tent, too!

  46. Danielle Coleman

    The tent is fun! My daughter has a ladybug theme going on since she was itty bitty, so I was thinking of getting her the ladybug tent for her birthday this summer, and starting campouts in the backyard (or the living room, depending on how the weather is). Should be alot of fun!

  47. Crystal Young says:

    Their toys are always so much fun!

  48. vickie marks allbright

    love this tent and all of melissa and doug toys

  49. Claiborne says:

    Wow. No idea they made tents. I love their puzzles! So sturdy.

  50. Maria Iemma

    My two grandsons would love the tent. They have been talking about camping and I think I will get the tent for them as these toys are good quality…they will camp in the backyard!

  51. Betty League

    I like your review on the Tootle Turtle Tent and FREE Blaze Flashlight. Years ago both my daughter and son had a tent in their rooms. They had many hours of fun and did a lot reading of their favorite books in them. Now I would love to
    get tents for my grand kids. We also go the the beach a lot and all the kids need are a few cups and toys for a day of fun. thank you

  52. Mirela M says:

    We just got our DD a tent to play indoors in the rainy days. In the yard she’s going around and old tire filled with sand and our dog. also, we took out a door from an old dresser and she loves to slide on that when we fix it at a small angle :)

  53. Deena N says:

    The tent and beach toys look awesome! My daughter would love them!

  54. Amanda Thompson says:

    That turtle tent is super cute! I think boys and girls would both love it!

  55. Melissa and Doug toys are great. They last forever and are very education while being fun at the same time.

  56. We love Melissa & Doug. Our most recent purchase was the caterpillar gears which my son just loves and the talking puzzles are really great, too. I had no idea they all of this other cool stuff!

  57. Julie D says:

    I love Melissa and Doug toys. I think my daughter would absolutely LOVE that tent! So cute :)

  58. penny harris

    My girls would love.

  59. I love the tent and the beach toys! Such cute designs.

  60. Tammy Williams says:

    I love their products!!

  61. Susan Broughton says:

    This is really cute. I remember when I was little we made the same thing out of sheets and towels draped over furniture LOL.. gave away my age…..

  62. Shailaja

    Nice review. Love the Toys.

  63. Renee Travis

    My grand kids would love the tent. Looks like it is pretty roomy also! :)

  64. Katie AB says:

    The tent is adorable. It would be perfect for backyard camping!

  65. Fun! I hope you get some beach weather soon! :)

  66. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    Tents are always great play toys for kids they have such imaginations

  67. erica weaver

    love melissa and doug toys love the tent

  68. Really love the tent!

  69. Dani Osenbaugh says:

    Love the tent! It’s so adorable. I love the quality & care Melissa & Doug puts into their products.

  70. annie page

    Love your review when I was on the site I did not see the tent it is so cute for indoor playing. If I win I will have to look harder for it I really like the tent and your review

  71. I love Melissa and Doug toys. They are very high quality.

  72. teresa mccluskey says:

    I think these are so cool, I love the tent! My daughters would have so much fun!

  73. Julie Banton says:

    I love that the sand toys also have educational value.

  74. We love our Melissa & Doug sand toys!!

  75. Serena Adkins

    The sand toys are perfect foe learning. My son enjoys learning new things everyday. Playing in the sun and having fun learning in the sun is perfect. You can’t go wrong with that.

  76. Mellissa and Doug is my favorite toy company – we have several of their toys including their play food and reusable sticker sets – my daughter loves them!

  77. Sandy McFadden

    I love Melissa & Doug Toys they have great age appropriate toys for ages and types of toys. My grandkids love them.

  78. chelesa sims says:

    i love mellisa and doug products they are so cute and durable.the tent is cute

  79. Crystal Bess says:

    melissa & doug toys are great

  80. Hello, My granddaughter loves there toys buy until now we, where buying them drug stores and other places we could find them but now that I have found the site she will go crazy over the stuff she hasn’t got yet but she don’t have this ones and when her special occasion comes I know what she will want. If you have a catalog I,would love to have one.I know we have the Internet but I`m a little old fashion. Thank you,A loving grandparent

  81. laurie nykaza

    The tent and beach toys look like so much fun for the kids. I would love to take this to the beach it looks like hours of fun and the kids could nap in the tent too!

  82. Dana West says:

    My kiddos always love their toys!

  83. That tent is so cute and I love that you can just roll it up and store it easily. The tent we have for the kids doesn’t store well at all, so this one would be awesome!

  84. Katie L.

    I Love Melissa & Doug toys and I love that adorable turtle tent.

  85. desiree

    i like the kid to have there own t ent and then the toys
    are great

  86. Heidi McGuire says:

    that looks like fun!

  87. Angela W

    OMG..My son would play for hours in that tent. So cute

  88. Michelle Lee says:

    My son loves his stacking cups so much I’m sure he’d get a big kick out of those nesting pails! Might even help him get over his fear of sand lol!

  89. Sacha Schroeder

    This looks like so much fun! I love their toys. They are such high quality!

  90. Gina Demaree McKee says:

    I agree, kids LOVE tents. I remember playing in them when I was little as well. And I really like these sand buckets. The animals on the bottom are pretty darn cute.

  91. Denise H. says:

    I would love to have the Turtle tent & flashlight. It’s very cute.

  92. Kristina L

    My boys still love tents. My ten year old puts one up in his room any chance he gets! Melissa & Doug have a lot of great products, fun and learning hand in hand.

  93. Charlene Taylor says:

    What a great summer product

  94. Maria Iemma

    The tent would be wonderful for my grandsons, they keep talking about going camping — but they are too young yet. This tent would be great for my deck!

  95. The tent would be great.

  96. That tent is so cute. I feel like at the age my daughter is (1 and a half), it’s a great time for them to have a little tent or some other kind of getaway. We were thinking of maybe doing a curtain over this nook we have (it was a firewood nook at first, but then we converted it into a dog nook and now, a toddler nook?). A tent would be really fun too though. :)

  97. Oh my gosh! That tent is adorable. My son would love that to play in and to have his own little “fort”.

  98. Cassandra Huber says:

    My son has a tent he loves so much he wants to nap in it!!!

  99. That tent looks awesome!

  100. I love their stuff! The number pails are the best :D

  101. That tent is adorable. I remember many long happy hours playing in tents made of blankets over the table or outside over the clotheslines.

  102. The sand toys are perfect for this summertime! Miami is super hot & the beach is always calling our names.

  103. Anastasia Alexander

    Oh the tent is so cool!! What kid wouldn’t want one of those?! The beach toys look fun! These look like some great toys that the kids would get a lot of use out of!!

  104. Linda Bradshaw says:

    My grandson would love the tent and my neices and nephew would love the other stuff.

  105. krystel says:

    that looks like so much fun

  106. The tent is cute. It would be perfect for backyard camping!

  107. I love that Melissa and Doug toys are educational AND fun! Anything that makes kids want to learn is always welcome in my house! :D

  108. The tent looks so cute!

  109. Tracy Ames-Dennison says:

    My son would love the sand toys!

  110. Elizabeth Stiegman

    I absolutely love the tent. Might have to get one for my little girl!

  111. That looks like so much fun!

  112. Margaret says:

    that tent looks like so much fun!

  113. Amanda E. says:

    I love the turtle tent! Super cute! I also love that the little sand buckets nest inside of each other for an added sequencing learning. Love open ended toys with multiple uses and learning experiences :)

  114. I love Melissa and Doug toys; they are always fun and always safe to use. I know my great niece loves playing in sand and dirt, lol, even tho she’s a girl she loves to make messes haha I love the tent, that’s a great feature that you can roll it up and put it in it’s own sack :) Thank you for the review!

  115. Love the tent! Gives them their own secret area

  116. Gotta Love Melissa and Doug. They last forever and are pretty cool

  117. These are adorable. I love the sand toys. Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Alicia Whybra

    What ans awesome giveaway!! This would be such a great win, with my sons birthday only a few weeks away I would love to win this one, but good luck to everyone it will make someone very happy!!

  119. My granddaughter loves tents!

  120. Becky Worthman

    who doesn’t love a tent! These look like so much fun, thanks for the review. Melissa & Doug have EVERYTHING!

  121. Wow I didn’t know they made such amazing toys! I’ve only seen the puzzels and note pads and stuff. Awesome review.

  122. diane sabatini

    I love all the toys. My son loves their products.

  123. Lily Kwan says:

    Melissa and Doug products look very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  124. Toni Porter says:

    I would’ve loved that turtle tent when I was a kid!

  125. What kid doesn’t love a tent. I remember way back when I was a kid making a tent out of sheets.

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