Spring Break Travel Tips


Spring Break Travel Tips

Plan, Plan, and then Plan Some More

- The more you plan your trip and what you will be doing during your time the more fun you will have. Make sure to do a search for fun activities in the area you are planing to visit. Mark down the times they are open and rates. If you need to make reservations or buy tickets online beforehand that is always a time saver. Also, if you find some thing you might be interested in make sure to like them on facebook and twitter, a lot of places put out special promotional codes on social media.

Pack Smart

- You don’t need to spend money on extra snack and drinks. That will just end up waiting your money! Especially  in touristy areas where the raise the rates on all of those items. Take a cooler and pack it full! If you are staying in place with a kitchen make sure to pack breakfast foods so you can save money on at least one meal a day.

Flying Tips

- Well, we all know the rules and prices for this are changing by the minute. Make sure to keep up on all the new rules and regulations of flying. It is harder to save money on a trip when you are flying because you are restricted on what you can bring. I would suggest you stop by a Wal-Mart, Target, or other grocery store to pick a few items once you arrive to save money.


- Always stay with a friend or family member. On a vacation you always have this feeling of freedom and safety but that may not always be the case. It doesn’t matter how much time you put into planning or how great a trip you had, if something happens to you or one of your friends the trip will be remember for all the wrong reasons. If you are traveling abroad you might also want to look into Irwin Mitchell just in-case you have some kind of accident or holiday claim while traveling.



  1. Funny you say Spring break because we were debating on whether or not to go to Florida on Spring back or just wait it out, and the prices for flying is ridiculous my pop pop checked for us & 3 of us 800 something dollars whoooo that is a lot… I wish flights were much cheaper & it stinks because a child cost as an adult :( boo, but thanks for sharing the lovely tips :) have a great day!

  2. I like the tips about bringing your own food or buying some at a local grocery! Very good!

  3. stealmagnolia deals says:

    I always like the hotels with kitchenettes to cut down food costs.

  4. cathy coats says:

    Road trips are fun for the whole family and you can learn lots of neat facts!

  5. Christina Kelbel

    Thanks for the helpful tips. Hopefully we can afford a trip this spring :)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    staying in for spring break although just finished traveling for business. good tips!

  7. Carole Ingram says:

    We didn’t plan very well this year so we aren’t going anywhere! :( We own a timeshare and every thing is BOOKED…so another tip for us is to BOOK EARLY or be disappointed! :( Anyway, we have learned our lesson… good tips!

  8. Planning the big things (where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, where you’re going to stay, what your activity options are) allows for spontaneity in the little things once you’re there!

  9. So ready to go on vacation!

  10. Nichole Selock says:

    I would also suggest staying at condos/vacation home rentals rather than hotels. We have stayed much cheaper in many places that way. Also if you are in a hotel – a place that includes free breakfast or kids meals is also great!
    Good reminders on the packing snacks!

  11. Lenora D says:

    Great advice as far as saving on food and such. Touristy food is fun but it’s a real budget buster, I’d rather spend that on activities

  12. michelle oakley warner says:

    great tips thanks for the awsome post

  13. Tiffany Winner says:

    i wish i could take a spring break vacation this year

  14. I’ll have to remember to stop by Target or Walmart to pick some things up when flying! :)

  15. John Ruiz

    Keeping up with the latest flying rules and regulations is the tricky part. Great tips!

  16. If you have kids who are old enough….planning out your days ahead of time can really help keep costs down.

  17. Thanks for the awesome post! Some of these tips will definitely come in handy on my next trip :)

  18. rachel rohde says:

    i think this is all so important,especially to all the young that go on spring break every year.

  19. Karen Glatt

    When traveling, saving money on food is so important. Most of a person’s travel expenses can be for food, and if we can make our own for at least part of the day, this would save a lot of money! I know it saves me a lot of money!

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