Tadpoles Item Reviews ~ Playmat, Blanket, Twin Set Bedding, and Quilt & Sham Bedding

Tadpoles Products Review

Tadpoles is the baby brand and division of Sleeping Partners Home Fashions. You can find various collections of decorative and room decor items for the baby nursery. Baby Costcutters was so lucky enough to receive a few items to review for all of you.

The first item I picked out was the Playmat Set Puzzle Pieces. This playmat provides a fun safe environment for your little one. Made of large interlocking foam puzzle pieces the mats create a soft base for your child insulate them from cold floors and add a great look to any room. While Zackery’s room had carpet the reason I wanted this playmat was because his sippy cups kept leaking on the carpet and leaving spots. I am hopeful having the playmat will help to protect the carpet. I know if you look at the image the mat is not put together the correct way but, I had help. :)
-Includes 16 foam puzzle pieces and 16 border pieces.
-Covers 21 square feet.
-Easy care and cleaning.
-Use multiple sets to cover larger areas.

Playmat Set Puzzle Pieces

I also received the 3D Jacquard Bears Blanket for Zackery. He loves soft blankets and will carry them around with him to snuggle. This is an ultra-soft, plush micro fleece blanket with a softness that you have to touch to believe. Little Brown Bears are knit into this 100% polyester micro-fleece 3D style jacquard blanket. Very cute and warm for those cold days. {As, you can see Zackery was watching TV when I grabbed this picture.}

3D Jacquard Bears Blanket

The next item I received was was the Red Stripe Twin Bedding Set for Hagan. I had no idea there was bedding out there that fit on the ends like a fitted sheet! Even when I ordered the bedding I did not know the ends were fitted. Love this!!! I am forever remaking beds in this house! So, when this arrived and I saw how easily it hooks on the end on the bed I was very happy. Now, the comforter stays on the bed!

Red Stripe Twin Bedding Set

They also have bedding for adult beds. We were sent the Squares Quilt & Sham Set for our king size bed. It is very plain but elegant looking. This was the look I was going for so that I could add my own pillows and decorations to the room without having to match to a bed set. With soft colors that work with almost any color scheme, this set is perfect for layering with other bedding to create a luxurious and sophisticated look.

my bedding


  1. sherry bracy

    My granddaughter had the playmat set of puzzle pieces, at 2 yrs old, they love to tear it apart! LOL

  2. I love the puzzle piece play mat. My Nephew and Niece just had a little darling, and this would be so great for the little peanut!!

  3. Tiffany F

    I have never heard of Tadpoles before but they seem to have some really cute stuff. I will be buying a new bedding set for my daughter when we move her into her big girl bed so I will have to bookmark their site. Thanks for the review !!

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