Therafit Paris Shoe Review & Exclusive 10% Off Code!

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Therafit Paris Shoe Review & Exclusive 10% Off Code!

 Therafit Paris Shoe Review

Therafit Shoe has sent me another pair of comfortable fashionable shoes! The Therafit Paris Leather Slip on Sandal  delivers supreme comfort with an elegant design perfect for any occasion. Shock absorbing midsoles, superior arch support and deep heel-cups for stability and comfort. Featuring a durable rubber sole and leather upper with jeweled rose detail. 

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I am loving my new sandals! They are stylish and conformable! While I have not been able to switch to shorts yet this year they are perfect in a pair of jeans on our nice Spring days, until the weather warms. 

Therafit Paris Shoe Review

Therafit Shoes are made to make them comfortable for you! Meaning you can adjust them to fit your comfort level. The Therafit Personal Comfort System is a unique system of 3 dual-density adapters, which can be pushed out from the shoe to change the level of impact resistance on your feet!

 Therafit Paris Shoe Review

 You can choose to keep all three of play around with them to see if removing any of them makes you more comfortable. You can watch this video below to see how to adjust your shoes.


  1. Sandra VanHoey says

    LOVE these sandals and I know they have some great shoes here also. I would love their Deborah Women’s Sneaker Black/Pink but need sandals as well

  2. md Kennedy says

    I always wanted to try Therafit but I am not a fan of the sneakers. However, these sandals are cute and with the discount I may just try a pair. Thanks!

  3. Debbie Welchert says

    I want a pair of these shoes. I love that you can adjust them to make them more comfortable. I would really like to have a pair of their sneakers too.

  4. says

    You just don’t even know how much I need shoes like these!! My poor feet are always swollen because I have to take Prednisone for my Lupus and RA. These would make my feet feel so much better!! Gotta get me a pair.

  5. Lisa G says

    These Therafit shoes are very cute. My feet hurt all the time and I have been needing a comfortable pair of shoes. These seem great!!

  6. Tammy Schweitzer says

    Oh wow these shoes look fabulous too wear. They look so durable. Plus they looks great also. Thanks for this great review on them

  7. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I know that Therafit has great shoes/sneakers. I didn’t realize that they have such cute sandals too.

  8. nicole dz says

    I really like there Alexa Women’s Sneaker Ocean Blue/Yellow shoes, they looks awesome for walking & working out.

  9. Rosalind Strong-Finch says

    These Therafit Paris Leather Slip on Sandals are really cute and look extremely comfortably fashionable. I need something to deliver comfort with an elegant design that’s perfect for any occasion. I can’t believe they have a shock absorbing midsoles, superior arch support and deep heel-cups for stability… cant’t wait to get a pair!

  10. laurie nykaza says

    I just love therafit-paris-shoe’s so cute love all the shoes and sandals they carry such cute styles and colors as well . There made to stand up to a lot of walking too.

  11. teresa null says

    I love these sandals.. so many times sandals don’t have enough support like these do.. as we get older we know just how much good support is necessary!

  12. says

    Very nice shoes. I am kind of scared to order shoes online because I have very hard to fit feet. Plus, with being a diabetic, I have to be sure about the fit. These sandals, however, look wonderful…I just worry about the width.

  13. Sherrie C. says

    I love those sandals you reviewed! Not only do they stylish they also look really comfy. Too bad I missed out on the discount but I might have to buy them anyway.

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