Turbana Plantain Chips

Have you ever heard of Turbana Plantain Chips?

Well up until today I have not but, I am looking forward to trying them! I should be getting a sample pack of them sometime next week and will let you know how they are.

First, let me tell you what a Plantain is {because I had to go look this up lol}: A banana containing high levels of starch and little sugar, harvested green and widely used as a cooked vegetable in the tropics.  I have heard of plantains but I have never purchased them before.

Since I have started my CinchSpiration weight lose I have been on the hunt for new and healthier food to eat and snack on.  Plus, all of you know my little one has many food allergies so the chips will be a nice treat for him :)

The Turbana Plantain Chips have 30% less fat than potato chips, no trans fat and zero cholesterol! How great does that sound!

The only ingredients are selected fresh plantains, vegetable oil, salt and natural flavorings.

You can get them in six different flavors: sweet, garlic, chili, lime, natural, or chili lime. You can purchase them HERE

You can also check them out on facebook.


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      They are sending me a few samples so I can tell all of you about them but, I don’t think there is a way for anyone else to get them free. Sorry. But, keep an eye out for a giveaway possibly in the future. I spoke with their pr rep today and she MIGHT be able to arrange a giveaway. Well have to see :)


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